Friday, August 7

What Makes a Good Family Dentist?

A dentist, in general, has one priority in mind: to help you take care of your teeth. This is actually the primary goal that all dentists follow. However, you may find dentists restricting their practice to specific demographics. It’s not uncommon to see dentists refusing to see patients that are under 18 or 16 years old, while other dentists like those at Manly Wharf Dental ( make it their business to provide dental care for all ages.

So what makes a good family dentist?

Probably the most noteworthy differences between a general dentist and a family dentist lie in the services they are able to provide. If you need a good example of what a family dentist should be, take a look at some of the various dental services that Manly Wharf Dental ( has to offer:

  • Family dentistry – with a focus on helping patients of all age groups take care of their teeth through all the various stages of life. This includes tooth cleaning, minimizing buildup of plaque, tooth decay prevention, and other preventive procedures and treatment for children and adults.
  • Gum disease prevention and treatment
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Pediatric dentistry – focusing on preventive and restorative dentistry for children, which includes sealants, fluoride treatments, and tooth colored fillings as applicable.

Of course, a good dental practitioner will have more services available, but seeing specialized dental care like these that are catered towards both young and adult patients alike will let you know if they have what it takes to be a good family dentist.

Other stuff you should look for:

When looking for a good family dentist, here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Do they accept insurance? Nowadays, it is important that the health care providers you go to are in your network, since the costs can be significant.
  • Are they up to date on the latest procedures and technologies? If you don’t know it yet, the world of dentistry is always evolving with new technologies and procedures showing up all the time. Good dentists will make the effort to keep themselves educated and updated as well.
  • What is their reputation among their peers and patients?
  • How is the culture and atmosphere in their office?
  • What are the credentials and education of the dentists and their staff?

It goes without saying that a good family dentist should be able to provide the best dental care and treatment, most especially for your kids whose teeth are still in the developmental stages. This is the most important and primary concern that should be addressed first before anything else.

However, family dentists should also have good “bedside manners” that will allow for good rapport between them and their younger patients. A visit to the dentist is commonly an unpleasant experience even for adults. With kids, it can be downright terrifying. A patient and compassionate dentist with a gentle bedside manner that knows how to work with children can be a miracle worker.

Consider all these factors when looking for a family dentist. If you’re in Manly, NSW, try contacting Manly Wharf Dental ( They are one of the most reputable and highly-recommended dental practitioners in the area.