Friday, August 7

Factors to Consider before Buying a Paper Recycling Bin

Successful recycling systems often depend on having the right paper waste bin and other recycling bins in proper places. Convenience, appearance, and utility must be considered when using recycling bins. Also, there are other five important points to think of when buying them.

Factors to Consider

  • Capacity

The first thing to point when looking for a recycling bin is to know the estimated quantity of the trash your home or workplace can produce before the pickup schedule. It is because putting a large paper waste bin or any recycling bin for a small group of people may waste space, whilst a small bin may spill off trash before the pickup schedule. Always keep in mind that bins, depending on the materials they are made of can be heavy when they are full. To make things easier, you can choose to place smaller bins in various areas and just collect them in a larger unit the day before the pickup schedule.

  • Locations where the bins will be placed

It is crucial to know where you will place your bins throughout your workplace. Observe where papers and other recyclable wastes are generated to ensure that you are placing the perfect bin of the right size and type.

For instance, in an office environment, papers are most common near workstations. On the other hand, organic wastes are common in pantries, thus, the need to place a compost bin. You can find the best paper recycling bin and kitchen compost bin Australia products at Ecobin, your most trusted eco-friendly trash bin.

  • Lid shape and size and opening mechanisms

Some ways to know the right trash bin with the appropriate lid or opening is to identify the kind of trash that you will be generating in your workplace or in your home. Also, you must consider having bins which can be retrofitted to suit your future programs. If recycling posters are what you need to do because you are producing too many of them, then place the best recycling bin for such huge paper wastes.

  • Right graphics

Clear, concise, and easy to understand graphics are what every recycling program needs. Graphics can be customized with images that portray actual wastes such as cans, plastic bottles, food scraps, and if you are into recycling paper, then images of different types of papers will be a lot of help for the general public.

  • User-friendliness

Recycling bins aren’t only placed in areas where wastes are more common for the sake of just placing them there. They must be set to function what they are expected of. They must be easy and convenient to use and handle – from the primary person to throw a trash to the person who would be tasked to carry them for disposal during the pickup schedule.

  • Materials they are made of

A paper waste bin or any other waste bin is usually made of either a stainless material or plastic. Plastic bins tend to be lightweight and are made with different opening mechanisms such as step-on or swing lid. However, plastic bins also have disadvantages. Because they are lightweight, they may not be sturdy enough to resist change of weather and therefore are not recommended to be placed outside.

Stainless steel, just like plastic ones have step-on or swing lid mechanisms. But, there are stainless steel bins which are equipped with a hand motion sensor for the easy and convenient opening. They also are dog and insect-proof to keep them overturned. The only disadvantage of stainless steel bins is that it is prone to smudge and fingerprints, which will make them untidy to look at.

Cleaning and maintenance

The convenience a bin can give you when replacing a full recycling bag is generally an important factor to consider when shopping for a recycling bin. To find the perfect user-friendly and easy-to-use bin, look at customer reviews online before buying a new one. For more information, visit their website at: