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Employee assistance program: Why you should get one for your company

Is your employee being negative all the time? Are you sensing a dispute in your team? If you own a startup business with no HR department yet, you may want to apply for an employee assistance program Adelaide has today. However, you should ask yourself first: is it necessary for your employee’s situation?

This short post will help you realise why you should get one for your employee.

What is an employee assistance program (EAP)?

People get stressed, depressed, or burnt out, occasionally. And inevitably, it will affect their work performance and their relationship with their teammates. If one of your staff members is having an unproductive “season”, you can consider getting them into an employee assistance program Adelaide experts can offer.

An EAP is a wide range of services that aim to address the well-being of your staff, so it won’t hurt their work performance. This program may consist of Mediation, Counselling, Professional Development, and even workshops or seminars.

When is an Adelaide employee assistance program necessary?

Your employee/s might require getting an EAP if they are in the following situations:

  • If they are not coping with loss well—for instance, handling the death of a husband or even a pet.
  • If they are undergoing a major change in their life—for example, new living situation, relocation, divorce, pregnancy, etc.
  • If they are struggling to balance their personal life and work life—say, single moms who just got back from maternity leave.
  • If they start procrastinating, lying, or dismissing your efforts to communicate.

How can an employee assistance program in Adelaide help you?

As an employer of a starting business, time is a currency. Therefore, you’ll save more time by availing an EAP. Sure, you still need to spend time communicating with your employee; however, you’re not an expert in addressing this situation. You might make mistakes and say things you don’t really mean along the way, further delaying their progress. As a result, it’s better if you hire a professional to do the job for you. This way, you’ll have a better guarantee of their improvement.

The good thing about an employee assistance program

All of the services in an EAP primarily aim to assist your employee to overcome their struggle. Even better, they will also learn skills of coping with future stressors. For instance, if they experience a huge failure at a project, their self-talk will be a huge deal-breaker. Their self-dialogue will determine if they stay lying on the ground after a loss or get back up and try again tomorrow.

Therefore, if your employee has this certain self-confidence problem, you can ask the employee assistance program Adelaide provider to customise the program. The latter will then provide services that address their self-confidence. They might offer workshops or counselling that aim to improve their self-talk.

In addition, the EAP can be strictly confidential, from the application to the implementation.

Get the best employee assistance program Adelaide has now.

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