Different techniques and approaches of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that has existed for thousands of years. It is a practice used to treat various disabilities. It is considered an important treatment during rehabilitation of patients who are suffering from conditions due to illness or accidents. According to a blog called the Chattered Society of Physiotherapy, physiotherapy works for primary care in Wales and physiotherapists are contributing to the general practice in the area. World Confederation of Physical Therapy defines physiotherapy as the area of health that helps to promote, develop, maintain and restore a person’s maximum movement and functionality. A Coogee physio treatment, hence, involves various techniques and approaches; below are some of them.


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Education and advice

One of the approaches used in physiotherapy is education and advice. Physiotherapy involves the entire body and not just the injured areas. Therefore, education and advice about general lifestyle and well being are very important. The advice may include healthy living and regular exercises. In addition, a therapist gives you information on what best to eat to boost your metabolism, what exercises to do to reduce pain and increase comfort; basically what to and what not to do.

Exercises and movement

Physiotherapy is basically about improving mobility and functionality, and exercise and movement is an approach best used to lead to these goals. There are various exercises to do which mostly depend on the type and level of injury. They include exercises meant to improve movement and strengthen the body, which are done regularly for a certain period of time. Then there are whole body exercises like swimming and walking which are generally used for patients whose mobility has been affected due to an injury or surgery. There are exercises done in warm, shallow water and are referred to as hydrotherapy. These are used to help relax and support muscles and joints while at the same time causing resistance for strengthening the muscles of the patient. In addition to this, there are mobility aids like crutches and regular exercises to keep one active. Exercises not only help to strengthen and improve mobility, but also reduce pain and discomfort.

Manual therapy

Then there is the manual therapy approach of Coogee physio therapists. This technique involves the therapist using their hands to manipulate, massage and mobilize tissues of the body. Manual therapy is important as it helps to reduce pain and stiffness, relaxation improves the mobility of parts of the body and helps in the blood circulation and efficient fluid drain in the body. This approach can specifically be used to treat problems like back pain and also to just improve well-being as it causes relaxing, thus reducing stress levels in general. Hence, one can sleep peacefully, thereby improving the quality of life.

Other techniques that are used by any coogee physio therapist include acupuncture and ultrasound among others. These treatments are effective and also administered according to the patient. If you are looking for a physiotherapy facility to join, you can find more information online by visiting the website http://coogeebay.physio.