Friday, August 7

3 Benefits of Height Adjustable Computer Desks

With the number of computer users growing by day, it is important to look at the impact of seating ergonomics to the overall health of these users. Have you thought about why you’re having lower back pains at the end of the day? It could be an indicator that your seating position is causing spinal cord or lumbar problems. This is why experts suggest the use of height adjustable computer desks. As the name implies, these desks are designed to be adjustable to suit your individual needs such as height and ergonomic seating position. These desks typically use pneumatic levers for optimum seating position and height.

Depending on where you buy your adjustable desk from, it can also have added features like added legroom, CPU pedestals or even management trays. However, the ability to adjust the height of your desk is the primary benefit. Below are four main benefits that you can enjoy by switching your regular workspace into height adjustable computer desks:

1. The ability to stand while working. Standing is a more natural position for the body as compared to sitting. Imagine when you have to sit for several hours a day. It causes numbness in the lower extremities and can lead to a big problem for your health in the long run. With an adjustable desk, you can adjust its height so that you are able to stand while working. By switching from a sitting to a standing position, you can dramatically reduce the amount of stress on your lower back.

2. It helps to increase your heart rate. This benefit comes from the ability to improve the circulation of blood throughout your whole body. If you were to sit for several hours a day, the blood circulation on your body is not optimal. This explains why you will often feel a numbing sensation on your legs and the lower part of your body. This is due to the fact that blood is not able to circulate properly on those areas.

3. It corrects bad posture. Another common problem with standard computer desks is that you tend to develop a bad seating posture. As a result, you can experience a host of back and spinal problems.  By standing or adjusting the height of your computer desks to what is suitable for you, it promotes a better posture. The adjustability of most desks varies from one manufacturer to another. However, the opportunity to make adjustments can have small but significant impact on your posture in the long run.

The benefits of height adjustable computer desks cannot be ignored. It is an important step to preserving your health while you work. Hence, you need to shop for these items when you want to have a work space that stimulates your mind and is healthy for your body, too.

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